Sunday, 19 March 2017

My Hospice of St Francis golden picks

So something that some may consider slightly unusual about my shopping habits is that I do buy the occasional item of clothing from my local charity shop. Also, whenever I have a clear out of my wardrobe I take them all down to the charity shop and because my mum is registered as gift aided, the charity shop are able to claim back the tax rate to go to the charity. I have certainly given the hospice at least half of my wardrobe at one point or another so I wanted to share with you my golden charity shop buys and prove that you are able to get wonderful high street pieces in a charity shop.

My first golden charity buy is this River Island leather jacket that I found hidden in a corner at my local charity shop. It still had the label on it and I only paid £25 with the original label stating it was £60. Bargain.

My second golden charity buy is my Ted Baker clutch/ shoulder bag. I also found this in my local charity shop. Barely used and had no scratches or visual damage. I managed to get this bag for £40, which considering the popularity of the brand was exceptional.

My third golden charity buy is my Topshop sequin top which I love, its my go to going out top which I only cost me £6. No funny smells which I would usually associate with some charity shops. It is the perfect bargain.

Next time you walk past a charity shop or debate about going into one, just pop in and have a look. You literally never know what you might find, you may like me, be surprised at some of the nice things they have in there. It is also so rewarding knowing that you are being ethical and recycling as you shop.

Let me know in the comments if you’ve found any golden charity buys, or where I should be looking to do my next charity shop buy.


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  2. I absolutely love hidden treasures that you can find in charity shops! And what a great way to re-use unwanted clothing! I found my favourite faux fur coat in a charity shop for only £8! Keep up the posts Ellie!x